Underdone Introductions

What was once a recording of the real life episodes of a talking pig and Canada goose simply through a paneled comic strip, is now going to include some follow-up discussion. The author of Underdone has requested the fine publishers of Fourth Wall for All Magazine (4WfA) to interview a panel of guests who appeared in each of his comics. Please note that there will be several different staff writers from 4WfA who will be asking the questions. We tried to match up the best of our vast amounts of writers who may take the most interest in each comic strip’s subject matter.
Today’s panel includes Paul Rappapork (P), Glen-Garry Glen Goose (G-G), and the ever-present Rob Lang (R). Unfortunately, the Old Gray Mare herself, Seabrisket was unavailable. Asking the questions today will be your’s truly, Malk Quartzshoe, Editor in Chief of Fourth Wall for All Magazine.
Cheerz not Jeerz!

4WfA Magazine: First of all, we at “The Mag,” as we like to call it, are deeply honored that you chose us to exclusively interview you after each comic strip is posted. We have so many questions, we’re not exactly sure where to begin. I think this chronological Q&A after every comic that’s posted is probably the best way to go about it. You guys have now lived through more than 100 episodes of your lives together. Let’s start with you, Rob, the person who’s penned all of them, correct?
Rob: That’s right. Well I used pencil sometimes but mostly a computer.
4WfA: Okay, how did all of this get started?
Rob: It’s kind of a funny story, actually. I was at a supermarket and hurrying to restroom, lest I soil myself. I looked up the frozen food section and thought I saw something flying down the aisle—
Glen-Garry: Wait, wait, may I interject something here—Paul and I were playing football. You see I really have trouble strolling around grocery stores, especially when they’re crowded, so I make up games sometimes.
4WfA: So you started playing football? Like playing catch through the frozen food aisle?
Paul: No, he was pretending to be Flipper Anderson and in this case, he was using my foot as a ball.
G-G: I just like the name Flipper. I’m sad he wasn’t a Dolphin, though, like on the TV show.
4WfA: You mean a real-life dolphin, like the sea mammal, or a Miami Dolphin?
G-G: I was thinking a mahi mahi, or dolphinfish, but come to think of it, now it’s disappointing on so many levels.
4WfA: I see Glen-Garry, that is truly fascinating. Now let’s get back to the germination of the partnership that you guys started.
R: You know, I know how to make a decent mahi mahi. My family used to eat so much we got sick of it. And I pretty much hate cooking but I learned out of necessity. And this being a website, I guess I should post the recipe somewhere on this page. Anyway, back to the story of how this comic got its start. I really had to pee. I mean it was one of those times where my bladder felt like I was carrying an overfull bucket of water and any false move would make it spill everywhere. While I was lerching to hurriedly get to the restroom, I glanced to my left and noticed a Canada goose holding what looked like a pig dressed like a human, by the foot. As I looked at the spectacle, I didn’t notice that there was a meat cart being pushed out of the butcher section and stubbed my toe on it. To make matters worse, it was summertime and I was wearing flip flops. So I was in some serious pain, both in the bladder and in the toe.
4WfA: Glen-Garry, you can fly with one wing?
G-G: I have to get some good momentum going, but basically yes, after a good swoop.
P: That swoop, of course, was how he picked me up by the foot.
G-G: I was pretending to dive for a pass.
4WfA: Ok, so how did you guys meet, then?
P: Well, apparently Glen-Garry didn’t notice the meat cart, either, because we also smashed into it.
4WfA: So that’s how you guys all met.
P: I don’t remember exactly what happened immediately after that.
G-G: Neither do I.
R: Me either.
4WfA: Then how did the comic begin?
R: We later got to talking. I told them about my life, and how I wanted to be a cartoonist and they—
G-G: May I answer this one, please? We agreed that somebody was going to want to record our lives, like scientists, or reality TV show people, or whoever, but we wanted to remain anonymous.
P: We mean, we wanted to have our story told, but we didn’t want the exposure that those other mediums would’ve given us, so we figured that using a cartoonist to only illustrate amusing episodes of our lives would be the best way to do it.
R: Kind of like a courtroom illustrator. Just getting the funny stuff on paper. No mass media pictures or movies.
G-G: Yup.
4WfA: But you’re a pig and you’re a goose. When you go out in public, how do you remain anonymous?
P: You know, the thought never really occurred to me.
G-G: That’s an interesting point, Malk.
4WfA: Ok then, now let’s get to the comic above. This is a glimpse of how you guys first met. What was that like?
R: Well I really needed to open this whole project with—
G-G: Again, sorry, Rob, may I answer this one, please? It was just amazing to finally meet another being who wasn’t a human that could also talk. I avoid “the people” at all costs. There’s just something that doesn’t compute with them and me. So to finally meet a fellow, for lack of better term, not-human was such a bonus. And who’s not a turtle.
P: How about inhuman as the not-human term? Non-human? Inhumane? Ha ha!
4WfA: Rob, why don’t you set up how you got to work with these two.
R: Well I asked them to just describe the scene of how they met. They took me to Wheatley Farm where all this started and I drew their reenactment.
P: I felt like we were reenacting some historical treaty. Except Seabrisket is kind of mean. I’m glad she wasn’t there.
4WfA: Stay tuned for the next edition of the Post-Post Underdone Discussion Panel.