Underdone follows the lives of two talking animals that are total aliens in the real world. After living their lives on an isolated (and highly radioactive) farm, they decided to seek out adventure in the city.
Paul RappaporkPaul Rappapork
What can you say about a health conscious pig who works as an accountant (for a boss who may or may not want to eat him)? He is a practical creature living in an impractical situation with a very impractical being—the bane of his existence. Glen-Garry Glen Goose.Glen-Garry Glen Goose
Glen-Garry Glen Goose
If irreverence was ever presented in the form of waterfowl, then it would be this Canada Goose. Unlike the conservative gaggle in which he grew up, Glen-Garry is quite possibly one of the weirdest characters in comicdom. He is the left-brain to Paul Rappapork’s right. While Paul’s adventures mainly take place in the real world—well as real as a talking pig  might come to be in the real world, Glen-Garry’s adventures are more odd, surreal and outlandish—that of a (for lack of a better term) silly goose.
Look out for other strange characters like Mr. Twirley, the real estate tycoon who happens to be a turtle. You can keep up with the adventures by checking back often, or subscribe to receive emails when new jokes are online.