2016 World Octopus Day

It’s World Octopus Day

What a great day for a blog post. World Octopus Day reminds us to think about the otherworldly, big-brained, 8-armed creatures that reside in the sea. Sure, I could talk about how incredibly intelligent, adaptable and diverse octopuses are, along with the other boring stuff that everyone else says about them (like how they’ll be the only animals left in the ocean pretty soon)—but let’s let the scientists write about that. I’d rather show you amazing things I’ve seen them do. Like when one pretended to be an unruly child’s leash, when I saw one conducting a yoga class or the time I witnessed a giant one help its squid friend build a terrarium containing humans. Below are some of these amazing observations that I was able to sketch while studying these animals.


When a parrot skull falls into the ocean. #🐙

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